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Success Strategy Update, February 2009

Ann Arbor Region Success:  Focusing the region’s leadership and resources to succeed in the new economy.

Much has happened since our workshop last Fall!

We Have Co-Chairs!

The following community leaders have agreed to represent each of the sectors (public, private and not-for profit) for the process and they are responsible for getting the word out through printed and electronic media and meeting with a broad range of local, regional and state actors.  The Success Strategy Co-Chairs will also be responsible for representing the region in presenting this Strategy and soliciting resources from universities, local and state governments, foundations, and corporations and holding meetings of the Leaders Group through the year.

Success Strategy Co-Chairs

    • Martha Bloom, Vice President, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
    • Jeff Irwin, Commissioner, Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
    • Mark Ouimet, Commissioner, Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
    • Rich Sheridan, President & CEO, Menlo Innovation Company
    • Paul Schutt, CEO, Issue Media Group
    • Larry Voight, President, Catholic Social Services

The Co-Chairs have been busy presenting the Strategy and getting Feedback!

So far, the Co-Chairs have made thirteen presentations to various regional groups and have another four presentations scheduled.  Some of the groups receiving presentations include:  Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Funders Forum, Board of County Commissioners, Ann Arbor City Council, SPARK, Community Collaborative, CEO Group, Washtenaw School Superintendents, Ypsilanti Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau, Ann Arbor DDA Transportation Committee, Michigan Townships Association and Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce.

The feedback they received was extremely positive and resulted in a few changes to the draft report:

    • Revised introduction section;
    • Minor rewording our three strategies; and 
    • Adding more emphasis in the report on the need for higher density housing in the urban center, support of research communities, access to public and private capital and events driven networks

We have also revised our Success Strategy report.

The most exciting news is the response to our call for action!

Currently, there are six Action Teams meeting with over 45 community leaders and experts engaged as co-champions or team members. To get involved in one of these teams or to start work on a different action item, please feel free to contact the champions or project managers.

Upcoming events

We will have an opportunity this Spring to further engage our regional leaders.  As planned, we will use the annual Outlook Event to present our major strategy recommendations and do some recruiting.  

If you are a Leadership Team Member, we are setting the annual meeting schedule to gauge progress on actions, identify and overcome obstacles, adjust the Success Strategy based on real world experience and prepare annual progress reports.  Please let us know of your availability by going to the following link,


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