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A2Success Brochure

These are long-term strategies that we will employ.

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Success Strategy

This is our vision for the Ann Arbor region in the coming years. After months of research and strategic planning, more than seventy leaders from all sectors of the community have embraced this vision to guide us into an exciting future.

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Success Strategy Update, February 2009

Ann Arbor Region Success: Focusing the region’s leadership and resources to succeed in the new economy.

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Success Strategy Update, May 2010

The A2Success Strategy was developed by over ninety community leaders and experts who evaluated over 65 of our community’s existing plans to identify our most important long term goals and researched over 50 other successful regions with sustained economic growth and unique quality of place assets. This research led to our vision for the future to be the place where world changing innovation happens!

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Impact 2009 Survey Results

Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce Impact Event 2009

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about the A2Success Strategy and how we created it.

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